The Tibet Museum Project is a preservation and development project for the Tibet Museum in Dharamsala, India. The museum is operated by the Department of Information and International Relations at the Tibetan Government in Exile. The project is initiated by the museum in cooperation with project manager Lisa Jansson and the Swedish organization Cultural Heritage without Borders.

The Tibet museum was established in 1998 in order to document and educate on the Tibetan cultural heritage, history and current situation in Tibet. The museum is one of the most important places for this mission concerning the location at the very heart of the Tibetan administration, the amount of documentation and knowledge at the museum and the fact that most Tibetan refugees enter India here. There are also thousands of foreign visitors every year.

The museum needs more financial means to carry out its mission. The project aims to assist the museum in raising the funds needed and also to carry out a number of activities to improve the standard of the museum.

The project activities are to organize and digitalize the photo archive of the museum, install modern technical equipment, spread the information internationally through an interactive web site and educate the staff in how to maintain the archive and produce photo exhibitions.

The project goals are to preserve the Tibetan cultural heritage in exile and to educate on the situation in Tibet.

If you wish to know more or donate to the project, please contact project manager Lisa Jansson at or +46 (0)70 2304070

The project is run and administrated by the Swedish organization Cultural Heritage without Borders